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Scientifically formulated and clinically tested nutritional supplements

What people are saying...

Here's what customers have been saying about Body Language Vitamins:


I have been taking Body Language Vitamin supplements for years, I have gone more than five years without being sick, and I attribute this to your wonderful formulations. I love the new Men's pack and my wife loves the Women's formualtions;we feel fantastic, thanks for the best supplements we have ever taken. MD Birmingham MI
My husband and I have been using your formulations for the last 3 years, we love the Essential Oils, and we love what you have done with the antioxidant and MVI formulae. We are now using your daily Men and Women packs and LOVE the convenience,  we have never seen such a product and we love the science that has gone into your products. Outstanding! Our joints feel better, we feel better, thanks for all you do. CS and BS Chicago IL

I wrote you a few years ago and got a beautiful reply. I was seeking where I could purchase Cold and Flu Formula as I live in Detroit area. Since your reply, I purchased this and have realized remarkable results--no colds or flu in last two years. When I take two a day at first signs of cold, I've been able to prevent 3-4 colds in last few years. This is amazing to me!!! I just felt sore throat symptoms--usually my body's signal of cold coming on--Fri night. Took 4 capsules since and last night the throat phlegm was already breaking up and eliminating from my body. No cold, again, has manifested. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Truly, for years, I've had pretty much two colds per year and had resigned to it. My friend told me about your product and I've never had anything work like this. I will continue to spread the word.   P.S, MI
Hello Dr. Seidman, I just had to send you a message to let you know that I just ran the Detroit Free Press Marathon last Sunday and successfully completed the 26.2 miles in 3:58:59. For me this was a monumental accomplishment because of all the setbacks over the last 2 years, and nearly breaking my foot this past July which cost me a month of training. To bounce back from that and still break 4 hours is something I’ll never forget.
I owe a great deal of my resiliency to your supplements. I’ve made sure to take the multi, antioxidant, and essential oils on-time everyday and my recovery this week has been nothing short of amazing. I’m already feeling well enough for active recovery (walking at a moderate pace) and feel confident to be able to start easy jogging next week. My next goal is to qualify for Boston (a 3:20 marathon for my age group) and I’m confident with the right training plan, nutrition, and your supplements I’ll achieve this goal. Thanks again for the work you do. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish with good health and focus! J.H. Mi
I have to tell you that your formulae are the best I have ever used. Routinely people have asked me how I manage to keep up the hectic schedule I have with the hours and stress of my day job, training for marathons, and my music career on top of all that. Some have even asked if I use certain "helpers" to keep myself going. I always answer, yes I do, but they are legal and actually good for you! If it wasn't for your Body Language Vitamin Co supplement program I wouldn't be able to do the things I do on a daily and weekly basis, thank you for all the science and the outstanding neutraceuticals! J.H. Mi
Dr. Seidman, thank you very much for the terrific all natural Menopause Support formula. I was taking it twice a day and still having symptoms. I increased the menopause formula to three a day and am much more comfortable. I can live with the very mild hot flashes I have during the daytime. I’m sleeping like a baby, not throwing the covers off one minute only to find myself freezing to death the next. Life is good!  C.B. (CA)
I purchased your new book "Save Your Hearing Now" 3 months ago and finally read it all last night. Very engaging, to the point, practical and pertinent. I will be recommending it to my patients, friends and family. Congratulations on putting it all together at such a pivotal time. Dr. M.R. Arizona
Dr. Michael Robb writes about tinnitus and hearing loss.
Important supplements for good ear health include antioxidants (l-glutathione, N-l-acetylcysteine, acetyl-l-carnitine, d-methionine, and several others), magnesium, and zinc. Studies have shown certain antioxidants to be otoprotective to inner hair cells and to prevent outer hair-cell death after noise or cisplatin exposure. The first 10 days following noise injury are crucial for hearing health, and it is during this window of opportunity that rescue antioxidants in combination with steroids, vasodilators, and other novel neuroprotective medications (such as N-methyl-d-aspartate glutamate antagonists and calcium channel blockers) could theoretically preserve hearing by limiting damage and preventing cellular apoptosis and necrosis. The finest pharmaceutical-grade antioxidants of which I am aware are the patented formulas of neuro-otologist Michael D. Seidman, MD
I have arthritis in my hands and have been taking 4 advil every 8 hours for the last 4 years, since I started on the Vi-pak in June I rarely have to take it anymore. Also my cholesterol level has dropped from 248 to 208 which is much better than it was! Being 50 years young is a lot better than being 50 years old !!! Thank you Dr. Seidman EF, Lincoln, Neb.
I began taking Body Language Vitamins about a year ago. Being in the fitness industry I'm bombarded with "try this", "try that". 90% of these products offer little value. Then my daughter bought me a one month supply of BLV. I noticed an immediate improvement. My energy level increased, my stress level was reduced. After about a month the changes were just too noticeable to ignore. EUREKA! I had found the perfect supplements. But this is only part of the BLV equation. It's the people behind the vitamins, Michael and Lynn, who make this company one I will support wholeheartedly for as long as I have a voice to sing their praises. They care about this product, they care about the people who use BLV. Other's health and well being is of number one importance. So, I want to thank you for your incredible supplements but most of all I want to thank you for you. LB, CPT-BS, Palm Desert, CA
Okay you have made a believer out of me, a born skeptic. Body Language Vitamins definitely make a difference in my life! I experimented by going without for many months, and after some recent hard marathons, I can feel the difference from not taking them. For me it is all about making the recovery better, and your vitamins do the trick. Besides, when I turn 50, I want to be able to run the Boston marathon in sub 3 hours, and I just know that will never be possible without BLV! B.S. Michigan
Dear Dr. Seidman, Your cold and flu pills are miraculous. First time in my life I have not been sick in the fall. Truly amazing! R.C. Wash D.C.
I have a comment on your wonderful supplements. I take your Body Language Vitamin Co "flagship four" supplements (your anti-age, antioxidant, multi-vitamin and essential oils). Before I started taking them when I would take my glasses off a distant object would be slightly out of focus. After taking your supplements for years I found the distant object was as clear with or without my glasses. After 2 month of not taking your supplement, because I was taking a brief hiatus, I notice that distant object are slightly blurred again. Since going back on them, my vision is stellar at 70! Tx for the great work. J.A. Michigan
I have been taking the Anti-aging/Energy Formula for two months now. My energy level has definitely increased. I am forty-two years old and have two young children so I need all the help I can get. This product works! I have recommended this product to my friends and family. Thank you.

I have taken your Cold & Flu formula over past years and here I sit with a terrible cold in a town that I can't find your product. It is awesome! and has kept me well over the past years using it as a preventative, immune booster. Sure do miss it right now! C.N. S. Carolina

I started taking BLV about six months ago at the urging of Dr. Abraham Shulman (Downstate Brooklyn Medical Center). Dr. Shulman has been treating me for tinnitus for about five years. Although only one data point, I can tell you that my tinnitus has improved (in terms of annoyance and incidents) by about 10% since starting the BLV regimen. Not sure if this is cause and effect, but I am having better "tinnitus" days starting about 30 days after taking BLV. Thank you for the terrific supplements! J.L. NY

Your cold and flu formula is outstanding. Stores can not keep it on the shelf! For over two years I've been using this product to ward off bronchitis and colds successfully. Prior to this I suffered misreably with these problems. My husband and I are amazed at how effective this is. Thank you! K.G. Mi

The vitamins really do make a big difference in my ringing. The ringing, which used to be quite severe, has gotten to the point where I wasn't noticing it anymore. I ran out a couple of weeks ago and the ringing is slowly getting louder, so it is time to reorder. Thank you for the terrific supplements A.E. Alaska

Dr. Seidman, your website is terrific and we love the scientific updates. Thanks for all the news. You are such a great example of the integrative approach-developing powerful new surgical techniques and herbal/nutritional formulas at the same time. I honestly don't know if there is anyone in the field who do such groundbreaking work in both the conventional and "alternative" fields. Dr. D.J, MI

Hi Dr. Seidman, my husband had a total cholesterol in June of 267 with LDL of 177 and HDL of 72. Of course his MDs response was-“what is the name of your drugstore, I will call in a rx.” We already eat a healthy diet so I suggested he try your formula for a few months instead of going on a prescription med. He is on his 3rd bottle and just got the labs repeated. Total chol is now 203, LDL is 112, and HDL remains 72. We are obviously very pleased! I’ll be ordering more of the formula, that’s for sure! Thanks D.J. R.N., Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Seidman and BLV Co, thanks so much for making your supplements. I used to get at least 2 colds per year and occasional other respiratory bugs. One of my hobbies is singing in a Church choir (including solos) and while it is annoying to have a cold for most folks, it is even more annoying when you sing as it takes a good couple of weeks to get all the drainage cleared to the point where your singing voice is "back to normal".

I started using your supplements about 2 years ago (after hearing it discussed on Jim Harper's morning show) and couldn't believe how well it works. I just had my first cold in about 2 years and it didn't last very long. I also have felt like I was catching something a couple of times, started taking your Cold and Flu product, and never actually got sick.

Thanks again. AM, MI

We just had our first Phyto Kids vitamins and are writing to tell you we love them! The chewable tablets taste great, and we asked Mom for more--but only up to the allowed number each day!
Your vitamins are not only delicious, Mom tells us they are also very healthy for us! We read the list of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients on the back of the Phyto Kids bottle, and we can see they were made for us and other children with a lot of care!
Thank you for helping us grow up healthy and strong. AR and OR - Granite Springs, New York

The cold and flu formula is very effective. It works fabulously on my children, husband and me. Great newsletter! Interesting, reads fast, just the right amount of tech and right amount of translation, and great bottom lines! LL, MI

I have felt for quite some time that I may possibly have, and I do not know to what degree, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. This goes as far back as my childhood. I am presently 60 years of age; consequently, I am struggling with whether I should even bother to follow up on my suspicions. My wife does not agree with my suspicions. I just took an adult self-evaluation on AdultADHD.com and the results suggested that I should speak with my physician about it. The drug that would be administered is Strattera.
Long story short. I have been on your formulas now for just about one month. Am taking the Aging-Energy formula, Antioxidant formula, and the Multimineral/Vitamin formula. The evaluation period is far from over, but I must admit that I am beginning to feel healthier in many ways. I do not seem to be fatiguing as rapidly as I did in the past. My energy level seems to be more prolonged. But in conjunction with what I have just mentioned in the above paragraphs, I seem to be able to concentrate and stay focused better when reading. When I am in a sitting position for extended periods of time, I do not seem as jittery as I have in the past. My nervous system does not feel like I am on "fast forward" most of the time. I am thrilled with the formula thanks for all that you are doing! "T" from Michigan

I have been using your Anti-cholesterol formula for 4 months. My cholesterol level went from 247 to 183, my Doctor could not believe it. Additionally, my HDL went up ~ 15 points to 59 and my LDL was over 200 and dropped to 117 well within the normal range. My liver tests (I was told that liver function may be affected by prescription anti-cholesterol pills), are completely normal. I went from a moderate risk for a heart attack to now being in the "desirable" range. All I can say is that I am thrilled, what a fantastic formula. DG, Michigan

My cholesterol was ~ 225, my physician told me that I was otherwise healthy and he did not think I needed to be on anti-cholesterol medications. Being a physician myself and having stronger concerns, I decided to go the more "natural" route. I started BLV Co anti cholesterol formula, I was using the recommended 3 pills each evening and the level dropped to 203. I increased to 5 pills at night and I am now at 187. My HDL has increased to 66 and LDL's down to 108 and triglycerides are down to 60. This is fantastic. I have always adhered to a fairly healthy diet including plenty of fruits and veggies, but this was not enough. I also checked my High Sensitivity C-reactive protein (a marker for heart attack risk) and I was in the lowest quintile (lowest risk for a heart attack). Lastly, my apolipoprotein A level is very low which is another indicator of heart disease risk. Homocysteine has stayed around 7 (normal 3-14). Thank you thank you thank you for your all-natural alternative, this stuff is terrific. MS, Michigan

These vitamins really improve mood and energy! They are terrific. G.G. Michigan - YPO Event

When I visited you originally a couple of years ago, I answered a questionnaire from your site, and you responded with an analysis of what I was taking supplement wise. You said I was eating one of the best diets you had seen, and you suggested I add several supplements to my diet, to make sure my vitamin E was from a natural form, and get more sleep. All I can say is thank you for the wonderful advice and supplements! I have been doing great. Today, I find it reason to celebrate that I no longer consider myself a person challenged with fibromyalgia. My energy is excellent, I no longer require naps, and I awake mornings refreshed and ready to go! NS, Michigan

I feel great on BLV Co supplements, they are really the best nutritionals I have ever used. I ran out about ten days ago and my energy level has definitely dipped. Since restarting, I feel fantastic again, proving to me the real value of your product! C.K. California

My ear nose and throat doctor, Dr. Richard Stasney, told me about your cold and flu product. I bought a bottle and it works great! Thanks J.D. Houston

I have had tinnitus for several years. It became unbearable about 2 years ago. I started taking your multivitamin, antioxidant and anti-age energy formula. Since doing this my ringing has gone from an 8-9/10 (very severe) to about a 2-3/10. I wasn't sure if this was coincidence, until I ran out several weeks ago and within 10-12 days, my ringing increased significantly. Since re-starting BLV supplements, my tinnitus has settled back down. I do not plan on running out of these fantastic supplements, ever again. Thanks so much for helping, they have really worked great for me. J.A. 65 Y.O. Male, Michigan

I can't survive without these supplements (Body Language Vitamin Co) ­ literally. I'd cancel cable TV and my phone if I had to to be able to afford them. They do cost around $85/month. But, think of it like $3/day. That's a bagel & coffee at Tim Hortons!

I can't say enough about the vitamins. Dramatic change in my life. Same for hubby. He was getting sick all the time when he worked out. Since he started these vitamins, he might get 1 or 2 colds all year instead of each month! From reading the testimonials, looks like he isn't the only one who has experienced this effect.

If you want to improve your training, start with the anti­age formula and the anti­oxidant. Then, I suggest adding the multi vitamin. I take all 3 formulas, but I think you can get most of what's in the multi vitamin from a diet rich in fruit & veggies. But I don't always eat right, so I take the multi.

I've got an audio tape of Dr. Seidman talking about supplements that you could borrow if you want. I think it was this tape that convinced Donna to start taking the vitamins. KMJ

I picked-up the Body Language Vitamin Co supplements you suggested (the Anti-age/energy, Antioxidant and Multivitamin formulas from Vitamin Outlet this past Saturday and started taking them. They really do seem to make a difference. I was battling a sinus infection and it seems to have been kicked from my system. I also have noticed that I have eyebrows and lashes coming in, though they have no color. I really think you are right on as there has to be some connection with supplements, hormones, and my system being out of balance and this alopecia. Thank you so much for your help. JH, Michigan

Dear Dr. Seidman. Your scientifically designed formulas are truly amazing. They have made my skin look luminous! People continuously comment on my skin clarity and the healthy radiance. This never happened before BLV supplements and this is the only change I have made. Having fabulous skin is critical as I manage a skin renewal office in flint, so you know my clientele are purists! Thanks again, I feel beautiful inside and out K.M. FLINT, MICHIGAN

Yes, heavy training whacks your immune system. That has been my experience as well. My solution finally came in the form of supplements (vitamins). Really expensive supplements. But they have worked wonders for both me and my wife. Colds are almost a thing of the past. No more missed training days! Hmmm...is that a good thing? :) I'm sure there are other good products out there. This one has worked for me. Dave J

The whole family loves the Phytokids, and my daughter did not react at all. This is a Godsend. She has been battling wth her allergies since she was born (dairy, wheat, soy, corn, citrus, etc., etc.). We've tried everything... Western medicine, Oriental medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy. When she was little we mixed UltraCare for kids with her rice milk, however, as her taste buds started developing, most things available to us supplement-wise, tasted horrible. Phytokids taste great! I just have to make sure I keep track of how many everybody's taking. And thanks for making it iron free also. Now, my wife and I are interested in your adult formulas. E.D. Canada

I have to tell you, Mr. J has come to a dramatic conclusion. As you know we are in our late 30's and mid-40's. We are triathletes and surprisingly we feel fine the next day. Legs are a little tired, but not sore. Dave ran triaths when he was in his 20s & early 30s. He said he'd be wiped out for 2-3 days after competing. Now, he feels fine the morning after. He actually admitted that there must be something to these outstanding Body Language Vitamin supplements, no wonder you have so many professional athletes using them. Now it looks like Mr. (seriously skeptical) J has embraced your products publicly too! I have been telling my triath friends about the supplements. They are catching on to the best kept secret! Keep up your great work with the best supplements we have ever used. D.J. 44 Y.O. Colorado

Thanks again for turning me on to the vitamins. It was what I needed to get me over that wall that I kept hitting when I was trying to get in shape. I NEVER would have predicted a year ago the I could even think about doing a Triathlon let alone come through it feeling so great. The supplements are awesome, I have taken many in my 41 years, but none that are truly effective and all natural too! DJ 41 Y.O. Female Michigan

BLVs have caused such a dramatic improvement in my health and energy level that I could never thank you enough. Even though I still can't leap tall buildings with a single-bound, I am now able to endure 1.5 - 2.0 hours of aerobic activity in my training zone, and then clean the house and feed the kids! I've NEVER been able to sustain such a high level of activity in my life. So, now at the ripe old age of 36, I am healthier, stronger and have more energy then I had when I was 18! I do eat right (almost all of the time) and exercise daily, but I was doing those things before I started taking BLVs. However, I suffered through most days. I was so dead-tired I just wanted to come home from work and collapse on the couch. Just running an errand after work was a huge chore and I had to push myself all evening just to keep from falling asleep (or crying). I was about to give up on the exercise routine because I thought it was taking too much out of me. But then - - Da-ta-da-DAAAAA! - - I started taking BLVs and enjoying life. What a difference 6 little pills a day can make! KJ, Michigan 36 Y.O.

I heard about Body Language Vitamin Co (BLV) supplements on National Public Radio. The Dr. being interviewed rattled off a series of important supplements, things I was not routinely taking, like grape seed extract, green tea extract, Co-Q10, acetyl-l-carnitine, n-acetylcysteine etc. The Dr. said he doesn't purchase these individually because they were all available in the BLV formulas and because they are very expensive individually. Thus, I decided to try taking BLV supplements. Within two weeks I felt a notable increase in energy, felt much more rested when I woke up in the A.M. and for whatever reason, I seem to be able to handle stress much better. Placebo? maybe, but I doubt it. I travel quite a bit, and sometimes forget to take them with me and after 2-3 days of not using Body Language Vitamin Supplements, I revert back to my baseline. These are outstanding supplements, you should get everyone to take them! D.P. 39 year old male.

Happy New Year to you and your family. Just wanted to tell you that I am a firm believer in your cold and flu formula. The irony is that I never ordered it from you...it came to me by mistake. I have taken it soon after onset of "common colds" and the next day have felt 90% better. In fact, I have given your web site address to many patients here to order the cold and flu formula. C.G. Florida

I have run the best in my life! I am 40 years old, who do I have to thank for such success over the weekend? Thanks to BLVs, way to go, you helped me be the best I could be. I can still run and play like I did 10 years ago!!!!! K.J. Michigan

The Body Language Vitamins have greatly improved my level of alertness at work. They also have definately improved my endurance during exercise. My muscles seem to recover quicker so I don't feel as physically tired. Hats off to you :-) KJ

Wow, your Cold and Flu formula is fabulous, I have tried many standard regimens and many alternative to no avail. I have had two colds this winter and usually they last 10-12 days, I started the Cold and Flu formula and within 24 hrs I was better and by day 3 my symptoms were gone. Thanks, this stuff is great. M.B. Seattle

Dear Dr. Seidman, I am a surgeon from California and have always been skeptical of vitamins and herbs. I have however, read with interest all of your work on aging and your peer-reviewed articles and I must say I was very impressed. Since starting Body Language Vitamins, I have never felt better in my 68 years of existence. This has truly changed the way I feel, and I am grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. M.G. California

Dear Body Langauge Vitamin Co. I am a nutrition major and studying nursing. I never mcuh beleived in taking extra supplements. I just started taking you vitamins 3 days ago and I already notice a differenc in how I feel. I have increased energy, feel more alert mentally and my eyes are no longer puffy in the morning (my daugter said I looked 28 instead of 37) I am extremely satisfied with the results as I was apprehensive prior to taking something new. Thank you for making a difference and I will spread the word. C.W., Michigan

I am 65 years old and have had tinnitus for 10 years. I have been using Body Language Vitamin Co Anti-age formula for three months and my ringing has improved significantly. It is still present, but much better. R.S.Southfield, MI

I have had abnormal pap smears and other bizarre ailments for the past 8years. I started BLV approximately 16 months ago and within 6 months my PAP smears are normal and I have felt terrific. L.S. W Bloomfield MI 38years old (Mother of 3).

I am a professional hockey player. I know Dr. Seidman personally, he has cared for my family over the past several years. He is an excellent Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, and when I heard about his nutritional and herbal background and that his research is on aging and mitochondrial function... I knew he might have some good health tips for me. Since using his supplements, I have had one of my best years. This stuff is great and I recommend it completely. I am currently using his Patented "Anti-age/Energy supplement" as well as his"antioxidant" supplement. My wife uses them too and swears by them. D.B.Detroit, MI 35 years old (male).

I am a professional athlete, Dr. Seidman designed an individual formula just for me and I have never had more energy, stamina and strength than I have overthe past year since I started his supplements.C.O. Detroit, MI (22 years old male).

I am a psychoanalyst in town, I've been using BLV for 1 year. My ability to concentrate and overall well-being have soared 200 fold. I wish I knew about these 10 years ago. C.S Livonia, MI 49 Y.O. (Female).

Dr. Seidman gave a talk in Aspen Colorado in 1996 and I have been using his scientifically designed vitamins ever since. I own a real estate brokerage in town; not only do I feel terrific, I have been tremendously productive at work and the stress doesn't seem to bother me anywhere as much asit used to. R.W. Aspen CO 50 years old (Male).

I've been using Body Language Vitamins for 4 years. I used to get colds(three kids bringing germs home from school and day care) 4-6 times per year,now I get maybe 1 a year. I feel Great! L.S. W. Bloomfield, MI 39 Years old(female).

I have been taking Body Language Vitamins for 3 years now. I'm 64 years old and I have never felt more vital and healthful in my life. I feel terrific. Additionally, my blood pressure has gone down a little and my cholesterol level has normalized. My wife appreciates the difference! H.S. Sarasota, FL

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