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This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure. This is information that we share, as it has helped many of our patients. Please use these suggestions at your own risk and we always advise that you seek a physician's opinion.

To view these written presentations made by Michael Seidman, MD, FACS click any of the following:

Media Generates Misleading Report about Carnitine

Pharmacologic Manipulation of the Labyrinth with Novel and Traditional Agents Delivered to the Inner Ear
Alternative Medications and Other Treatments for Tinnitus
Cleansing Parasites from our bodies
A Discussion about Cochlear Implant surgery
Our rights to take supplements is being challenged-a letter to our Senators
Supplementation: Do we need to?
Hearing loss, other ear problems and treatment options
Natural Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy
Some natural alternatives to ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/ADD)
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Meniere's Disease, Vertigo, and Other Balance Disorders
Vestibular Schwanomma (Acoustic Neuroma)
Chronic Ear Problems
Benign Positional Vertigo and Other Balance Disorders
High Calcium Levels From Hyperparathyroidism
Balance Disorders
Von Hippel-Lindau
The Skinny on Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)
Supplements and herbs that may increase male and female fertility
Complementary and Integrative Medical Options for Tinnitus
Building the Immune System - Q&A
Macular Degeneration - Age Related Vision Loss
Reactive Oxygen Metabolites, Antioxidants and Head and Neck Cancer
Coronary Artery Disease - Heart Disease
Fight your Cancer - Try these natural ways to heal thyself
Bodybuilders - Be Careful
Alternative therapies may offer relief from tinnitus
Nutritional and Herbal Strategies for Skin Disorders
Dietary Reference Intakes
Herbal Supplements and the Quality of Herbal Products
Alternative Management of Tinnitus - Part 1
Alternative Management of Tinnitus - Part 2
Presbyacusis, Dietary Restrictions and Antioxidants
Medicines to Treat Inner Ear Disorders
Letter to The President
Complementary and Integrative Medical Options for Tinnitus

To view these PowerPoint presentations (optimized for Internet Explorer) created by Michael Seidman, MD, FACS click any of the following:
Voice and Complementary Medicine
Effects of extracts of red wine on DNA damage, free radicals, hearing loss and cognition
Autism and Complementary/Integrative Options
Cancer and Alternatives
Music, Science & Hearing Loss
Breast Cancer
An Overview of Tinnitus including brain implant surgery
Save Your Hearing Now
Complementary/Integrative Medicine and Osteoarthritis
Complementary/Integrative Medicine as it relates to the Orthopaedic surgeon
Menopause Options
An overview of tinnitus including brain implant surgery
Complementary/Integrative Medicine: Prostate Cancer
A Scientific Approach to Dietary Supplements and Anti-oxidants
Effects of Nutrition and Antioxidants on Aging and Alzheimer's Disease
Symphonix Devices, Inc.
Complementary/Integrative Medicine: Options for Enhancing Health & Healing
Medical/Legal Implications of Complementary/Alternative Medicine
Age-related Behavioral,Physiological, and Biological Changes in the Rat Auditory and Cognitive Systems
Reactive Oxygen Species and Otolaryngologic Disorders
Nutrition and Health - Fact or Fantasy?
An Overview of Balance Disorders
The 'Skinny' on Essential Fatty Acids
Nutrition & Supplements: What You Need To Know
Mechanisms of Age-Related Hearing Loss
Ossicular Reconstruction using Bone Cement
A new approach for malleus/incus fixation; no prosthesis necessary
The Medical Management of Tinnitus
Overview of Medical Treatment of SNHL
Mitochondrial Genetics of Relevance to Hearing Loss
Supplements for the Athlete
Cholesterol Reducers
Nutrition and Health - Fact or Fantasy?
Effects of Lecithin on Age-Related Hearing Loss
The Effects of Dietary Restriction and Antioxidants on Presbyacusis and Aging
Nutritional Supplementation and Children
Dietary Reference Intakes
Complementary/Integrative Medicine and Women’s Issues
Potentially Harmful Herbs
Nutritional/herbal therapies for low mood/mild depression
Nutritional/herbal therapies for the common cold/flu
Supplement Concerns
Effects of Polyunsaturated Phosphatidylcholine on Age-Related Hearing Loss
Pharmacologic manipulation of the labyrinth
Herbs and Women's Issues
Complementary/alternative management of tinnitus
Tinnitus Treatment
Complementary/Alternative Medicine and Renal Issues
Lifestyle and Nutrition to Enhance Physical Performance
Herbal/Nutritional Strategies and Cancer Prevention/Therapy
Effects of Nutrition and Antioxidants on Health and Aging
East Meets West - Complementary/Alternative Medicine

To view these written presentations click any of the following:
Tinnitus - Is there a Caffeine Connection?
   Reprinted from Tinnitus Today with permission by the American Tinnitus Association
The Womens Health Initiative, a perspective re HRT
Linda Ann Chomin - Natural alternatives Experts offer options for relieving menopausal symptoms
Pill May Reduce Hearing Loss From Noise
Alan B. McDaniel, M.D. - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Alan B. McDaniel, M.D. - Insulin-Resistance Syndromes
ANIL K. LALWANI, MD - Effect of SOD1 Overexpression on Age and Noise-Related Hearing Loss (pdf)
Alan B. McDaniel, M.D. - THE METABOLIC SYNDROME (Syndrome X)
Myths in Neurotology (pdf)
Gary Jacobson, Ph.D. - What is Tinnitus, Why Do I Have It, and What Does it Mean?
James Kaltenbach, Ph.D. - Tinnitus

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American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Alternative Medicine Network
Celiac Disease Information - by Barbara Beznos
I Can! News Article: "Diet helps manage scleroderma"
I Can! News Article: "Preventing osteoporosis with a vegetarian diet"
Michigan Heart Group - Heart Disease Prevention
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Tinnitus Relief Formula
National Institutes of Health
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Information on Hidden Food Allergies

Audio and Video Stream Presentations
Peoples Pharmacy Radio Show with Dr. Seidman talking about Save Your Hearing:
More people than ever before are dealing with hearing loss. More than 9 million senior citizens and 30 million baby boomers dont hear well. And the popularity of personal mp3 players may mean that many more people will experience diminished hearing in the future. What can be done to protect our hearing?
Guest: Michael Seidman, MD, FACS, is Director of the Division of Otologic/Neurotologic Surgery, Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, and Medical Director at the Center for Complementary/Integrative Medicine of the Henry Ford Health System in West Bloomfield, MI. He is the author of Save Your Hearing Now: The Revolutionary Program That Can Prevent and May Even Reverse Hearing Loss (with Marie Moneysmith).
Show #601 from September 2, 2006 www.peoplespharmacy.org
Good Morning America interview
Minds of Medicine:Accupuncture
Seidman Introduction

Anti Cholesterol
Bone Support
Cold & Flu
Essential Fatty Acids
Introduction (His/Hers Boxes)
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