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Scientifically formulated and clinically tested nutritional supplements

1. For a comprehensive discussion, please see our PowerPoint presentation on Herbal/Nutritional Strategies and Cancer Prevention/Therapy

2. In a juicer, using organically grown ingredients combine:
a) Wheat juice, may have immune enhancing properties
b) Carrots, very healthy
c) Beets
d) Parsley (rich in chlorophyll, carotene and flavonoids
e) Cucumbers
f) Kale (high in calcium, potassium, iron and chlorophyll: Note one cup of Kale has more calcium than a cup of milk!)
g) Celery (rich in potassium, salicylates and coumarins-which may assist in preventing cancer-theoretically, and thin the blood)
h) Apples (rich in pectin, carotene and ellagic acid-this acid has been shown to protect against damage to the chromosome and has a blocking effect on many pollutants... hence the phrase, an apple a day keeps the Dr away)
i) Most fruits (A diet rich in fruit and vegetables has been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and many other diseases). It is advisable to dilute the pure fruit juices with ½-distilled water. This is because fruits have a high glycemic index (means rapidly increase blood sugar, when you eat the fruit whole the fiber helps to lower that sugar rush, juicing while excellent, will take out some of the fiber)

3. Reduce or eliminate processed food, reduce meat and increase fish and chicken (we strongly advise, organically raised) intake. It is becoming clearer that the best meats to ingest (if you need meat) include Buffalo, Ostrich, Veal, Lamb and wild game. Additionally, it is advisable to eat meat that is certified antibiotic and hormone free. For those of you who must eat foods like salami, bologna, or hotdogs, take an antioxidant, 15-30 mg prior to eating. (Body Language Vitamins are superb).

4. Consider massage once a month to several times a week, (depending on your financial situation) as several studies have shown that massage can enhance the immune system.

5. Increase fruit and vegetable intake. I recommend organically grown. Non-genetically engineered. Avoid canned fruit and veggies. Most are best consumed raw; never microwave (Minimally, 3-5 daily, preferably 10!) 1 Serving is 1/2 cup.

6. Avoid nutrasweet, aspartame, monosodium glutamate (MSG), food colorings, dyes, pesticides, herbicides, all refined foods (ie white flower, white bread, white pasta and refined white salt, refined sugars) and caffeine.

7. Increase water intake to a minimum of 6-8 (8 oz) glasses per day. A good measure is to take your body weight in pounds, divide by two and that is the amount in ounces to drink per day (Example: 170 lb man should drink at least 85 ounces of water per day. A 120 woman should drink 60 ounces/day. Note the requirements increase significantly if you are aerobically exercising). I advise that you consume steamed-distilled or reverse osmosis water only (obviously not always possible, but try).

8. Exercise 4-6 times a week. 15 minutes to 2 hours per day.

9. Things to consider from an anti-cancer standpoint:
a) May talk to:
1) Me (Michael D. Seidman, MD., FACS through this website)
2) Denise Jacob, RN, PhD, CHt (Jacob Holistic Healing 248-514-8259)
3) Canadian Cancer Research Group (www.ccrg.com)
4) Bobby (an herbalist/naturopath) at 248-227-7868
5) The Vitamin Outlet 248-vitamin
6) Apple a Day (in Findlay Ohio) 419-423-3973

b) MGN 3 - rice bran, extract of shitake, kawaratake and suehirotake mushrooms have been shown to enhance your immune system, antiviral anticancer, and reduces side effects of other anti-cancer therapy. Possibly fights cancer.

c) Green tea - Camellia Sinesis inhibits angiogenesis and may prevent certain types of cancer. If may also reduce diabetic retinopathy. Best to take actual leaves steep in hot H2O 3-6x/day. Eat the leaves when done.

d) IP6, (Inosital Hexaphosphate) - It has shown to enhance the immune system and perhaps it may have some anti-cancer properties.

e) B 1,3 / 1,6 glucan - saccromycetes (cell wall yeast) if you can't find it you can use brewers yeast. Studies have shown anticancer properties.

f) Body Language Vitamin Co.
1) Anti-Age / Energy Formula - works to enhance mitochondrial function. There is compelling evidence for mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer. This patented supplement enhances and may actually repair the mitochondria.
2) Antioxidant formula - significant evidence that specific nutrients and some of the herbs and phytonutrients may have immune enhancing and anti-cancer properties. Rich in grape seed extract, green tea extract and N-acetyl cysteine (powerful antioxidants, not found in most supplements and the ones that include it use much lower doses than we do)
3) Multivitamin formula - significant evidence that specific nutrients and some of the herbs and phytonutrients may have immune enhancing and anti-cancer properties.
4) Cold and flu formula - wonderful for the immune system; 2 wks on and 3-5 days off. Do not use if you are on immunosuppressive drugs or if you have a known autoimmune disorder without first consulting with someone knowledgeable in this field.
5) Ai/E10 (by Body Wise) (a combination of arabinogalactin(ext of rice brain), astragalus, Maitake mushroom, and an extract of colostrum Colostrum- may enhance the immune system

10. Some evidence that you need to be careful with antioxidants during radiation and some chemotherapy, the evidence is contradictory.

11. Sensei - Energy Healing Chi (877) 978-8512 Nancy.

12. Cancell/Cantron (800) 443-3030. This is a liquid that has shown in-vitro (in a test tube) to have anti-cancer properties. This information does not necessarily mean that it will kill cancer in-vivo (in the body), but I believe it is at least something to consider.

13. Lab testing, if you are interested. (i.e., antioxidant levels, vitamin assessment, nutritional status, etc.)

14. Health Scan Survey found at www.BodyLanguageVitamin.com

15. Poly MVA: This is a liquid that consists primarily of palladium plus lipoic acid (and some vitamins and minerals). There are ongoing studies funded by our government investigating its anti-cancer properties. 619-656-1980

16. Prayer and optimism: The power of prayer and a good attitude cannot be overstated. There are many people who doubt the ability of the mind and a strong belief system. Please don't be one of them. There are an increasing number of studies demonstrating the real power of prayer. It matters not what religion you are, but it matters that you have some faith. There are many people who love you and you are VERY important to them and to me. Never quit, smile a lot and laugh as often as possible. It is also okay to cry, breakdown, let your feelings be heard and to feel depressed; this is normal, but get over it, when you can. Remember you will have great days and not so great days. Make the opportunity to pray, be optimistic and it will help.
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